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Wireless Connectivity Issues

Getting a low signal or spotty connection? Here are some things to check.

Wireless Interference

Some common causes of wireless interference are cordless phones, fluorescent lights, compact energy saving light bulbs, metal in the walls or roof, decorative lighting (such as Christmas lights, etc.), dimmer switches, and radiant heating systems to name a few.

Cordless phones should be as far away from your wireless router as possible

Do not place any desk lamps using energy saving or fluorescent bulbs directly over your wireless router

Try to place your wireless router in a central location in your home if you have any metal in the walls or roof, or radiant heat

In some cases, there may be wireless issues due to circumstances beyond your control (structural issues at the location, etc.). In the event that you find yourself in this type of situation, you may need to contact a networking professional to help you improve your wireless network performance

For more information about wireless interference, click here.

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