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What are basic PC keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts come in handy at times. Here is a list of commonly used PC shortcuts. 

Shortcut Keys          Description

Alt + F                   File menu options in current program

Alt + E                   Edit options in current program

F1                           Universal Help in almost every Windows program

Ctrl + A                  Select all text

Ctrl + X                  Cut selected item

Ctrl + C                  Copy selected item

Ctrl + V                  Paste

Home                      Go to beginning of current line

Ctrl + Home           Go to beginning of document

End                         Go to end of current line

Ctrl + End               Go to end of document

Shift + Home          Highlights from current position to beginning of line

Shift + End              Highlights from current position to end of line

Ctrl + Left Arrow     Moves one word to the left at a time

Ctrl + Right Arrow  Moves one word to the right at a time

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