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WCVT Conference Calling Service User Guide

Conference Calling from Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom can be accessed at a moments notice without having to schedule calls through operators. You can set up a conference call and contact the people you need to reach anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When moderating a conference, you can use the web interface to view and control the conference. Visit http://conference.wcvt.com to log in. 

Click here for our Conference Calling User Guide.

Register For Conference Calling Service:

Users must initially register for our Conference Calling service by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800-496-3391. Once registered, you will be assigned a Moderator and Attendee Code. We recommend
keeping these numbers readily available as you will need them when establishing future conference calls. Once registered, you can set up your conference call anytime you want, so meetings happen on your schedule.

Conference Bridge Access Numbers: 

The following numbers are used to dial into the conference bridge. 
  • 802-434-6250
  • 802-545-6250 
  • Toll-Free Access Number: 800-557-5465 (additional charges apply) 

Note: Local measured service or long distance charges may apply depending on where you are calling from. If you use the toll-free access number, additional per minutes charges apply.
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