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Ten Useful Keyboard Short Cuts for Mozilla Firefox

Below is a listing of 10 useful keyboard shortcuts for your Mozilla Firefox browser.  Learning these shortcuts can improve productivity with Mozilla Firefox.

Ctrl + T and click mouse scroll wheel:

Opens a blank new tab 

Ctrl + Shift + T:

Reopens most recent tab you have closed. Pressing this multiple times will undo multiple closes.

F6 key:

Opens URL address bar

Ctrl + F:

Opens the Find feature. 

Ctrl + W:

Closes the tab you currently have open.

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab:

Move between open tabs.

Ctrl + D:

Opens bookmark window for page currently viewing.

Ctrl + <plus>, Ctrl + <minus>, and Ctrl + 0:

Pressing Ctrl + <plus symbol> will increase the font size, pressing Ctrl + <minus symbol> will decrease the font size, and if you wish to reset the font size back to the default press Ctrl + 0.

F11 key:

Makes the screen full screen, removing all toolbars and status bars.

Ctrl + J:

Opens the Download Manager window.

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