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How can I find out my download speed?

Test Your Connection Speed

*Please read the following information regarding the speed and performance of your Internet connection:

  • Overall speed can be impacted by a variety of factors. Since most users have migrated to broadband, the following overview is specifically focused on DSL connections.
    1. Our Speed Test is located on a high-end server in the Green Mountain Access Network Operations Center (NOC). Our speed test analyzes both upload and download speeds from your computer to our server without leaving the Green Mountain Access network.
    2. Speeds Will Vary – The network is made up of various components, all which can impact overall performance and speeds at different times. Our DSL speeds listed are the maximum under optimal conditions as defined by the manufacturers standard; actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. DSL is a best effort service and actual speeds may vary based upon equipment and line capabilities, distance from the central office, atmospheric conditions, the user's computer system (processor speed and RAM), speed of the Internet, and other factors

Controllable Factors:

  • Computer System – Processor Speed, RAM, Operating System all have an impact on performance. These days one of the biggest performance inhibitors is the result of viruses, adware, and spyware that can make a system almost useless. We recommend that all computers connected to the Internet utilize a firewall and antivirus software.
  • Inside Wiring – The use of Category 5, twisted pair inside wire, with each individual wire running back to the Telephone Company Network Interface Device (NID), is required to achieve maximum performance. Your NID is usually a square grey box located on the outside of your house and it is where the telephone company outside plant connects to your homes inside wiring. Speaker wire, “daisy chaining” of telephone jacks, and the use of other sub-standard wire are absolutely unfit for good data transmission.

Other NON-user controllable factors include:

  • Distance From the Telephone Company Switching Site – Speeds and broadband service availability both decrease with distance. This is not a telephone company policy, but an inherent engineering limitation of DSL.
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