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Enable the Wireless Feature on Your BEC 7300N or 7800TN Modem

BEC 7300N (three antenna)

Make sure your computer is directly connected to your modem with an ethernet cable (the yellow cord that came with the modem)

Open your internet browser and clear the address bar at the top. Type the modem's IP address, as shown below, then
press Enter on your keyboard

A window requesting a login will appear. Type the word admin (all lowercase) in both the username and password fields, and click OK or Login

Click WLAN on the left side of the screen

Use the next screen shot as a guide for setting up your wireless network as described below

Click Enable at the top

Clear the ESSID field and type a name for your wireless network. The network name can be anything you like, and is not case-sensitive

We highly recommend putting a password or network key in place to keep your network secure. Clear the WPA Shared Key field, and type in a password you will remember. The password must be at least eight characters long, and is case-sensitive

Click Apply at the bottom

Click Save Config at the bottom of the screen

Click Apply

It will take a moment to save your new settings. Once the status screen appears, you can exit your browser and try out your new wireless network

BEC 7800TN (two antenna)

Follow the first three steps from the top of this page. Once you have logged into the modem, click on Wireless on the left

Check the box next to Enable, then click Apply at the bottom. Your wireless network name will appear in the SSID field as 'gmavt_wireless_xxxx'. You can change this to something else if you would like, then click Apply at the bottom again

Click on Security on the left

The wireless password is masked, but you can display it by clicking the link that says Click here to display and the password will show up in a separate window. You can change it by clearing the passphrase field and entering a new one. Please note that the password must be at least eight characters long, and it is case sensitive. When you are done making changes, click Apply at the bottom. After the page refreshes, close the browser window.

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