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Domain Hosting

If you have registered or would like to register a domain (example: www.domain.com), we offer virtual web hosting. Here is a list of the prices and features of this service:

Pricing Information

$10.00 per month for 1 gigabyte of space, which includes 1 MySQL database

$25.00 one time set-up fee

$40.00 domain registration for two years at $20 per year (optional)

$2.00 per month for DNS hosting only

Technical Information

Upload directory: public_html 

Domain Name Servers:



Email Alias Information

With your virtual web hosting account you are allowed unlimited alias email addresses (your-address@your-domain.com), and up to 5 mailboxes on our mail server. Additional boxes are available at $1.00 per month for each one. Alias addresses can also be pointed to another server, such as a gmail or yahoo address.

MX Record Information

Use the following MX record configuration to point your hosted email addresses to GMA (where “example.com” is your domain):

10 example.com.mx1.greymail.rcimx.net
20 example.com.mx2.greymail.rcimx.net
30 example.com.mx3.greymail.rcimx.net
40 example.com.mx4.greymail.rcimx.net

Contact Information

If you have questions about an existing domain hosted with us, or you would like to set up domain hosting, please contact Tech Support at 888-321-0815 or send an email to hostmaster@gmavt.net

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